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Sponsor Our ShowHand Sacred – Spirited Productions is looking for companies that can benefit from aligning themselves with our powerful series ‘Square Circles – Life Between The Ropes’. All our episodes focus solely on the motivational stories of the subjects covered.  The main intent of ‘Square Circles - Life Between The Ropes’ is to inspire all who watch and offer some extra encouragement needed for them to tap their own inner champion.

When people focus on something that’s bigger than themselves, physical limitations yield, drug abuse losses its grip, attention deficit gets focused, acting out against parents, subsides and exercising for health becomes enjoyable!

Aligning your brand with our show and its motivating and positive campaign in these tough times will have a lasting impression for years to come. Best of all 100% of the net proceeds go to fund the D.R.I.F.T. Youth Program

What a way to reach new non-core customers, the cross over potential is immense.

For a detailed proposal outlining this terrific and affordable marketing opportunity please email us at


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