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'Square Circles - Life Between The Ropes' is a non-scripted celebration that documents the trials and tribulations at BCBA (, a bare-bones, local boxing gym and youth center operated by Coach Ray Bettinelli…a guy smart enough to reach the kids, tough enough to set them straight and caring enough to see them through. The people are genuine in this working class New York neighborhood. Their stories are awe-inspiring and the drama is pure.

Unlike TV reality shows 'Square Circles - Life Between The Ropes' DOES NOT have a game show quality. This show features real people with real stories, facing real life challenges. 'Square Circles - Life Between The Ropes' is an ongoing human drama. It demonstrates how day-to-day challenges faced by the average person closely mirror obstacles faced by a boxer.

'Square Circles - Life Between The Ropes' will follow a number of compelling plot lines that develop as everyday people begin training to defeat their own set of life-obstacles. Cameras are there to document it all, from the arduous process of getting started with BCBA, right through the gripping life stories that unfold as ordinary people are shown how to tap their inner champion…as the transformation is witnessed by the audience.

Drama builds along the way as viewers are introduced to an endless support cast of "classic" boxing gym characters; whether it's the ex-boxer looking to make a comeback, the salty old-time trainer looking to corner his next champ, the white collar professional who's a lawyer by day and wanna-be boxer by night, or the overweight single mom who's just trying to rebuild her self-esteem after a series of personal knock downs.

'Square Circles - Life Between The Ropes' is a celebration of the human spirit. The show will demonstrate how people can rise above any challenge they face when they work hard and tap their inner champion! Viewers will be left feeling good about the accomplishments of others rather than looking forward to the failings of others, as promoted on many of the current Reality programs.

Most parents believe that Boxing is just too violent and dangerous for their children. But anyone who has coached a child in this great sport knows that couldn’t be farther from the truth and through ‘Square Circles’ we’re proving it on a daily basis. When people focus on something that is bigger than themselves, physical limitations yield, drug abuse losses its grip, attention deficit gets focused, acting out against parents, subsides and exercise becomes an enjoyable time to look forward to. Everyone hears about Soccer Moms and Hockey Moms, it is time people start hearing about Boxing Moms!

'Square Circles - Life Between The Ropes' is a raw and gritty portrayal of lives challenged and lives changed from the inside out. At the end of each episode viewers will be left to ponder his/her own spirit with one of the shows revolving themes; Triumph vs. Tribulation, Success vs. Failure. It is an entertaining and unscripted look at what life is really like... between the ropes!

Created & Produced by
Raymond Bettinelli - Hand Sacred Productions

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Ray Bettinelli - Hand Sacred Productions
656C. N. Wellwood Ave. #181
Lindenhurst, NY 11757
(631) 412-3686

Show Strengths
Low Production Cost
Revolving Plot Lines
Broad Market Appeal - Teens & Adults - Men & Women
Positive Show Message!

Show Parallels
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