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Tapping Your Inner Champion begins with getting to a reputable, clean and safe gym. Be certain when looking for a boxing gym that it is Registered with USA Boxing the National Governing body that regulates all Amateur Boxing programs in the United States.

Be Certain Your Coach Is Certified!There are 56 Local Boxing Commitees (LBC's) that monitor the gyms within their jurisdiction (i.e. here on Long Island we answer to USA Boxing Metro). It is best to start at your LBC's website to find a registered gym within your area. Registered gyms should have certified coaches that must carry a USA Boxing I.D. Card (see sample). This assures you that the coach you will be entrusting your child with has gone through a criminal background check.

For a list of LBC's Click Here

Another great source for a list of boxing gyms is You will also find some informative articles there as well. But again, make sure whichever boxing gym you find is certified along with their coaching staff.


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